Brick Series – Standard Model Electric Kid Violin – Fully setup in violin case with bow

This product is shipped in violincase, fully setup with bow.

This electric violin specifications follow design guideline of acoustic violin, all your existing violin skills can be transferred seamlessly.

You can play the music instrument, “play” with the instrument or simply hang it on the wall as an art piece.


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Product information:

  • Standard model product available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 size (check out this video to figure out right size for you child), if you after other size, please go to this product page
  • Standard model product available in black or white colour, if you after other colour, please go to this product page
  • Violin neck with durable warm brown finish
  • Tailpiece with built-in fine tuners
  • Hand-carved wood bridge
  • Well-rounded bridge – easy and comfortable playability
  • Transducer pickups integrated system
  • Jack built into the instrument: 3.5mm jack (violin) to 1/4 jack (amp)
  • Silent mode while unplugged
  • Tone and Volume out control : All our electric range of instruments carry a volume and tone control. The tone control is a tilt control, not a boost/cut control, changing the tonal range of the instrument.
  • Comes with bow and violin case, fully setup, yes you still need to tune it by yourself 🙂

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This product will be shipped in violin case, note that a bigger violin case may be used given the shape of this product. Some tools are included as seen in the picture below.


Legal stuff:

Not suitable for children under 4, installation process must be guided by parent/guardian. Same as any other string instrument, string may snap, while tuning or installing a new string, you should have basic knowledge and protective equipment. Funkidviolin is not responsible for any damage that result from the usage of this product.

Although the brick series instrument is compatible with LEGO pieces,  no LEGO piece is included in this product and the LEGO Group has not made, sponsored, licensed, nor in any other way authorised this construction set. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or places, artworks, and products is purely coincidental. Honest.




1/2, 1/4, 1/8


black, white


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