Educational Playable Lego Compatible Violin | Best first instrument for children| gift for music lover| bow&real strings | makes sound but not melody


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FirstFiddle is the best gift for your little one to start enjoying playing violin!

When we set out to design our FirstFiddle series violin for children we felt the most important thing was to produce a violin that kids will truly love it. The Passion and love for the instrument will prepare them for a lifetime of music education and appreciation.

As the first instrument for your kid, it must be fun and exciting, how could a kid resist the fun of building blocks? Our FirstFiddle violin is not only fun, it also helps them to learn the instrument through the process of assembling it, building their own violin can also be very creative.

FirstFiddle brings the instrument one step closer to young musicians and motivates them to play and try. This trains both motor skills and a sense of rhythm - and it's great fun!

FirstFiddle violin is a 1/10 size (can be customized to 1/8) violin suitable for children aged from 3-6 yeas old. For music lovers beyond age 6, FirstFiddle could be your next creative project, when your kids don’t play it, hang it on the wall.

FirstFiddle has four real violin strings and comes with a bow, it does make sound but it is not intended for producing advanced melody. If your kid is getting serious about learning violin, check out this section, there are many fun cool and serious instruments awaiting for them.

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This product will be shipped in paper box as seen in the picture below.

Legal stuff:

We strongly advise that the installation process should be guided by parent/guardian. Same as any other string instrument, string may snap, while tuning or installing a new string, you should have basic knowledge and protective equipment. Funkidviolin is not responsible for any damage that result from the usage of this product.

Products may contain small parts, considered choking hazards for children under three years of age. By purchasing products for children you understand and acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the child to determine appropriate and suitable products for their child.

Although the brick series instrument is compatible with LEGO pieces, no LEGO piece is included in this product and the LEGO Group has NOT made, sponsored, licensed, nor in any other way authorised this construction set.




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